My Art Life

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About Mary & her work

I create vibrant artwork, experimenting with various media.  I am currently using oils and mixed media.  Most of my original paintings are large and bright, aiming to energise interior spaces.   

My art is influenced by my previous career in teaching orientation and travel skills to people who were blind or visually impaired. 


I investigate how we explore, interact with and experience the urban environment in unique ways.  We choose routes, and filter what we encounter to slowly build a mental map of our personal landmarks. 


I create 3D experimental sketches; allowing the viewer to see a place through the perspective of another explorer. I use these to create my colourful architectural paintings through my own lens of distorted colours. 

Please take a few moments to explore my world of colour by visiting my galleries.


With a background in community work I also provide training for groups and teach individuals in my Swindon studio.