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You can bring the coast into your home with this print of Weymouth Harbour on a windy day. The sky is stormy but colourful.  It is the same size as the small original painting so a high level of textural detail.

I created this by monoprinting techniques; like using homemade carbon copy paper, I drew through the back of a piece of painted paper. I really like this technique to "draw" with oil paint. I added colour with a cotton bud and left the finish quite loose to try and capture the lively weather and rough water.

8" x 10" print with a 12" x 14" paper size so a generous 2" border.
Signed on a white space underneath the print.

Weymouth Harbour: stormy turquoise print, coastal art print

    • 8x10 inches image area; the paper is 12 x 14 inches.
    • 300gsm cotton paper
    • High quality and sturdy with an slight watercolour paper appearance.
    • I sign underneath the print in pencil
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