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A Bird's Eye View of Hertford College, Oxford.   It would look good in any home and make a lovely graduation gift or Oxford art gift.  It would be particularly suited to a modern or minimalist decor scheme, or could add a touch of monotone detail to contrast a more colourful setting.      


 This is "Hertford Bridge", connecting the two halves of the college. It is often known as Oxford's Bridge of Sighs. This was a sketched plan for a painting rather than a finished piece but popular as a print.

It is an unusual addition to my print collection as it is monotone. However the high contrast and unusual angle adds a bit of drama in place of colour. I love a perspective challenge in drawing a building from an angle I've not seen it, it makes me really think about the angles and details.

Some day I may do the painting!


For a different kind of Oxford art print featuring the  honey coloured Cotswold Stone:

Hertford College, University of Oxford

    • 8x10 inches image area; the paper is 12 x 14 inches.  
    • It is printed on 300gsm cotton paper
    • High quality and sturdy with an slight watercolour paper appearance.
    • I sign underneath in pencil
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