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Our Services

  • 2 hr

    200 British pounds

Book Mary Parsons for your next event and add a colourful touch with live sketching.  Mary's vibrant artwork can capture the spirit of the occasion, whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or private party.  She can also capture the atmosphere of your the day-to-day environment and culture. 

In terms of GDPR concerns, Mary does not generally draw people closely and is happy to change features.  

She has the ability and experience to work in a range of settings; interiors, e.g. hospitality, catering and retail.  She can also outside if the venue has cover for weather protection.  She always looks for points of interest; for example colour, light, nature, heritage or design.

Her presence can add to the event; people are welcome to watch her drawing, or ask questions.  Sketching can also give lasting reminders.  You will receive photos to share on social media.  You are welcome to film me at work.  Please credit me when sharing images and film. 

Sketches can incorporate plans of what you might change in the future, e.g. if you are planning to add plants, change a colour scheme.  

She is happy to bring sketching materials for other people to have a go.  Please discuss this in advance; time assisting others will reduce sketches completed

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