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A vibrant print of a fishing trawler in dry dock.  The colour palette is wam and bright, will definitely add colour to brighten an interior space.  It may be of particular appeal to anyone interested in nautical or fishing subjects.


I saw this on a weekend trip to Portsmouth, seated above the shipping containers which really show its scale. I have included a few pictures to show the level of detail in the painting contrasted against the more painterly abstract areas.   The original was painted in acrylic and includes some collage.

I have a choice of 2 sizes:

The 8"x10" inch print area with 12"x14" paper size
The 12" x16" print area with 16" x 20" paper size (about 2 weeks delivery time for prints of this size as I order them in)

Fishing Trawler in Dry Dock, Hallway Decor, Kitchen Print, Blue and Yellow art,

    • 8x10 inches image area; the paper is 12 x 14 inches.  
    • It is printed on 300gsm cotton paper
    • High quality and sturdy with an slight watercolour paper appearance.
    • I sign underneath in pencil
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