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This evening art print of St Paul’s Cathedral, London has warm gentle glow that could add gentle colour to your interior décor. I love creating travel art prints that evoke a positive impact on mood. I hope this evening colour palette will have a calming effect.


St Paul's is an iconic building in London. An Anglican Cathedral, it sits high above Blackfriar’s Bridge and the Thames. It is a beautiful building that somehow managed to survive the Blitz of WW2.

For people now working from home, this could be a reminder of city life.  It could also be a souvenir for someone seeking London Art Prints. Travel art can be very suitable for hallway décor, to welcome weary travellers!

It is a print of an original oil painting I completed in 2017. It was completed soon after I caught a late afternoon ferry down the Thames. There was something intriguing about the colour of the fading sunlight against the warm yellow street lights that I wanted to capture here. The evening sky gives the architecture a very warm tone.

St Paul's Cathedral, London Art Print


    • 8x10 inches image area; the paper is 12 x 14 inches.  
    • It is printed on 300gsm cotton paper
    • High quality and sturdy with an slight watercolour paper appearance.
    • I sign underneath in pencil
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