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12 Days of Christmas at Avebury Manor

As part of my artist residency, I was invited to visit Avebury when the Christmas decorations were being installed. It was a really enjoyable and inspiring day. Using photos I've continued to draw at home. These drawings are some of what I've drawn so far...

A Partridge in a Pear tree

I have started to draw the displays This 'Partridge in a Pear tree' display is completed with handmade cloth pears. These are lovely to draw with handstitched detail and fabric textures.

Four Calling Birds

I sketched the kitchen background and the golden Christmas arrangement on the table when i was there. Digitally I put these together, and muted the background. I also added a maid in period dress putting the finishing touches on the decorations. The birds are beautiful handmade with needle felted techniquess; a lot of work has gone into making these.

Six Geese are Laying

Other decorations...

The Billiards Room

The brilliance of winter sunshine captured in warm copper reflections and filtering through leaves. Contrast of the real leaves against the soft fabric handmade trees. Light against dark, dark against light.

I did a very quick pen sketch whilst there. In fact I did many half finished drawings that day as there was so much inspiration! I have added coloured inks to this sketch at home.

I will add a few more drawings to this blog post over the next few weeks!

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