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Wellbeing in the City

Urban wellbeing is an important theme to me and I hope this comes through in my art.

I like to paint architecture and urban environments because that is where so many of us live. I think that wellbeing in these places is so important. ​ I look for aspects where something I think is beautiful makes me take notice. In the places where I take time to relax, I intentionally look for nature, and interesting architectural details. These are places that have a positive experience for me. I am intrigued by the way that we look at things whilst on holiday; taking time to explore and noticing the simple things. ​​ I hope that my art shares these positive feelings with the viewer, so I can bring wellbeing in to your homes! As well as being an artist, I also do a lot of wellbeing work for an NHS project as a Social Prescriber. Read more about my background


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