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Avebury Manor

I've started a new project this year, sketching at Avebury Manor. So far I've mainly been in the gardens, I've been very lucky with the weather! I move round to a different location each time. it's been really interesting to revisit the same place from different angles.

These are some of my drawings so far.

During my first visit I was outside the front entrance.

I drew in both directions; with my back to the entrance I drew the back of the Alexander Keiller Museum. I've drawn this several times since, each time I draw the weathervane far too large!

This rooftop and the diagonally set chimneys on the house are iconic landmarks for me that I will return to repeatedly. I like drawing the high points of rooftops that are recognisable as features of orientation.

A linocut based on a view of the entrance trom the South Lawn. A beautiful curving entranceway. The first time I've done a linocut for a while - it's backwards actually but it's given me practice to get back into it!

On my July visit, I was in the Monk's Garden; a gravel garden with multiple flower beds. This is an area I pass through each time I visit, and so I've seen it changing over the seasons.

Since the cooler colours of Spring, it's now glowing with warmth. Dahlias, Sunflowers and Rubeckia's are some of the flowers I've spotted. Also cabbages which gives it a traditional cottage garden feel, mixing up the vegetables and flowers.

I've spent a lot of time drawing sunflowers, whilst in the garden and since returning home. Visually they almost reach the roof tops so they work really well alongside drawing architecture.

I have always liked benches in a walled garden. I think they are an opportunity to dwell in a place that feels like a sanctuary.

This is a sketch I did on a collaged background. It takes time to build up the picture to the point that the collage doesn't stand out too much.

This one is busy visually but it represents my memory of being in the green and colourful space. Even when cloudy the blooming flowers made it feel bathed in sunshine. I've tidied this up digitally from the original sketch below.

I will post again with an update on what I do over the coming weeks.


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