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Pattern / Plain

Ideally I like to have empty space in a painting because I know it is calming for the eyes. However you might not think that when you look at some of my work! I often leave the sky very simple as a contras

t in a busy painting.

I feel like I deserve a reward if I leave some areas simple! I do like to have variety and visual interest. To create some interesting and rich patterns, some of the paintings I've done over the last couple of years use collage. Without needing to add fussy detailed paint I can then add detail that is both effective from a distance and draws you in to take

a closer look. Stripes, repetitive patterns, subtle mo

tifs or bold prints can add energy and structure. Only small amounts are needed - less is more. I try and restrain myself!

La Seine

This is one example - the buildings in this painting have various papers, maps, and detail that add extra colour and interest. The little flashes of colour from the Metro map give set it in Paris, and the stamp used for the clock was a perfect size. It has maps, fabric, paper - and a colourful spotty party plate! A lot of it is partly obliterated so it blends in.

To purchase this prints please visit my Etsy shop - or why not contact me about a collage activity for your group!

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