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First Weekend Done!

I'm in the middle of a two week Swindon Open Studios event and these are a few photos...

A giant paintbrush pot outside the house to advertise Swindon Open Studios, with a paintbrush and pencil.

Everyone has loved the enormous pencil and paintbrush I made; there's no doubt which house is 'Open' for art!


Come and see me next weekend - 16th / 17th September 2017 - 8 Cardigan Close - Lawns - SN3 1EX. We'll have the kettle on, cake, chat and art - whatever the weather!


Some lovely comments about my exhibition

These last few weeks, getting everything up on the walls I've realised how much work I've done this year - and how colourful it is. It's been great to get some feedback on my work.


I always think Open Studios is about looking and very happy for people just to browse. But here's a satisfied customer which is a bonus - this is my limited edition linoprint of Christ Church, Swindon, from Victoria Road.


A wall displaying paintings a spanish square with cafe tables, a painting of Gloucester Docks, and a river scene in Paris.
Paintings by Mary Parsons - St Pauls in the centre, 'Climbing the Hill through an Old City' on the right. Also a selection of prints and small framed pictures.

Some of my art - come and see my gallery! I'll still have everything here after next weekend if you can't make these dates. Here's my event page on Facebook:


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