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Virtual Travel: still finding inspiration in lockdown

I have to say it's not often I've found something brilliant and great quality through a Facebook advert. But this was how I discovered, a new virtual tour company.

I've been to Amsterdam, Santorini and quite a few places. So far these have been my two favourites.

I've asked a few of the guides if I could do some drawings based on what I've seen during the tours. The work below is some of what I've done so far based on Mark Law's Amsterdam tour. Including a little book of drawings. I like the idea of turning the pages of a book being like walking through a city.

I started making these books to use up the patterned paper that I had hanging around. But now I like the patterns and I'd like to get more! Art is so good for seeing the usefulness in junk but also for collecting new junk. 😁


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